Absolute Collagen and So Body Co Compared
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So Body Co. Absolute Collagen

Contains marine collagen

Contains bovine collagen

Contains egg collagen

Collagen types

Types I, II, III, V, X

Type I only

Collagen content

10,000 mg

8,000 mg


Powder (add to any food or drink of your choice)

Liquid shot

Money back guarantee

Yes - 90 days

Monthly cost (subscription option)



* Source: & websites. 31 October 2021

Marine collagen is great. As you can see, we use it.

But that's not the whole story.

You see marine collagen is limited by the fact that it only provides a type I collagen.

There are lots of other collagen types in the body (scientists classify these types and denote them with roman numerals).

Which is why So Body Co provides a true 'multi-collagen' to ensure you enjoy a wider range of benefits.

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How Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen Works

Drink Daily

Simply add 1 scoop (10g) of Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen powder into any hot or cold drink.

Enjoy Anti-Ageing Benefits

Our hydrolised multi-collagen promotes youthful skin, longer hair & nails and reduces joint pain.

Look & Feel Younger

Make Peptigen+ part of your daily routine and notice the difference not just in how you look but how you feel.

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Proudly Made In The UK

So Body Co was the first British company to produce a multi-collagen. Today we remain a small but dedicated team based in Maidstone, Kent.

QUESTIONS? Our covid safe working practices mean we are often working out of the office which means we can't always get to the phone. You can try calling us on 01622 946 370 but the best way is to reach us with any questions here.

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Does a powder absorb as efficiently as a liquid?

Here's a little known fact that others might not tell you...

There are only a handful of raw collagen manufacturers in the world and all of them supply their collagen ingredient in a powder based form.

So whether you add our Peptigen collagen powder to a hot or cold drink at home or if you buy a ready prepared collagen 'shot' then there is no difference and certainly no magical ingredient in the shot that makes it more absorbent.

Is 10g of collagen too much? One brand suggest the limit is 8g.

Many of the clinical studies performed on collagen used a 10g dosage.

There is no clinical study, evidence or even sound theory to suggest that '8g is the limit'.

We recommend a serving size of 10g per day, but of course as Peptigen is provided as a powder then you can adjust your serving size to your preference.

Is you collagen hydrolised? What is it's molecular weight?

Yes all of the collagen sources in Peptigen are hydrolysed with a molecular weight of 2,000 daltons.

Do you include vitamin C?

Vitamin C is required to build collagen however almost everyone will have adequate vitamin C from their every day diet. (You do not need to consume vitamin C at the same time as you ingest collagen). As a result we consider adding Vitamin C to Peptigen as unnecessary.

But isn't marine collagen 'the best'?

The producer of our marine collagen also manufacture our bovine collagen ingredient (as well as a porcine one). As the true experts in collagen they state that the source is simply a matter of consumer preference.

The fact is marine, bovine and porcine collagen all provide the same unique tripe helix molecular structure, albeit with some small differences in the amino acid profile.

The important thing to remember is that marine collagen is limited in so far as it can only provide a type I collagen.

The human body has many more types of collagen. Some of these, such as type II, support other important functions such as supporting joints and bones, while others such as type III are used alongside type I to support skin.

By using only a marine collagen you are limiting the benefits available to you.