7 Reasons Why Men Should Drink This Collagen Protein Daily

Your skin is made up of 75% collagen, but after the age of 25, collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1.5% a year. The visible effects of this do not just appear as wrinkles and dry skin. They also materialise as physical ailments, as collagen is basically the glue that holds your ligaments, joints and bones together.

1/ Sports performance, recovery and joint care

  • Collagen is rich in the amino acids, arginine and glutamine, which are known to help repair muscles, heal wounds, boost metabolism, improve energy levels and aid bodily growth and development.

    This 24-week study of collagen dietary supplements, found athletes could reduce parameters (such as pain) that have a negative impact on athletic performance. Another study from the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) showed athletes suffering from Achilles tendon injuries—who were unable to run and not responding to any traditional therapies—were able to return to running faster by using collagen with structured exercise.

While other clinical studies have shown that collagen supplements may support pain relief for arthritis sufferers and help improve joint health.

found that I had more energy, and recovered quickly from my exercise and life routine"

Sarah N.

2/ Lean muscle development

Collagen contains the amino acid glycine which is important for muscle synthesis and the formation of lean muscle tissue.

Collagen also has a unique amino acid profile providing specific nutritional benefits not found in other protein sources:

Amino Acids (% of protein) Collagen average value Whey protein conc. Soy protein isolate









Glutamic Acid
















Collagen's essential amino acid profile is incomplete. So while it may make a positive impact on your bodies "protein pool" you might not want to entirely replace your whey or soy protein supplements.

An increasing number of people are taking collagen protein alongside their existing whey or soy protein supplement.

3/ Scientist’s report it can increase skin hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

There’s scientific evidence demonstrating significant benefits from placebo controlled clinical trials on the effects of collagen supplements.

One trial investigated the effects of an ingredient used in So Body Co’s collagen. Dr Jerome Asserin, PhD reported that clinical trials with the Peptan collagen ingredient resulted in "significantly increased skin hydration" and "improved hallmarks of skin aging"

Another study, found that subjects taking a collagen peptide supplement saw a 20% reduction in wrinkles after 8 weeks.

4/ Collagen may bring benefits for your hair too.

Human clinical trials on the effects of collagen and hair are lacking.

However we do know that collagen is rich in the amino acid, proline. Proline is a key component of keratin so consuming proline rich collagen may give the body the building blocks it needs for hair growth.

Anecdotal reports from customers cite hair improvements.

5/ So Body Co Packs In Five Types Of Collagen And 10,000 mg Per Serving

While most collagen products on the market today only deliver one or two ‘types’ of collagen, So Body Co’s multi-collagen packs in FIVE different types of collagen.

Providing you with type I, II, III, V & X collagen powerfully combined to deliver you the greatest variety of natural proteins.

What’s more, as a pure collagen with no additives, fillers or artificial flavourings you get 10,000 mg of collagen per serving. For those still taking taking the older single type collagen in tablet form, that's the equivalent of about 10 tablets!

6/ Quick and easy to mix. No taste. No fuss.

The So Body Co Multi-Collagen comes in a powder form.

It dissolves easily in any liquid and is virtually tasteless.

Mix it in your tea, coffee, whizz up a smoothie. For your daily dose of low calorie, fat free, 100% natural protein goodness.

7/ An unbeatable value packed offer: get your 120 day supply today and save over £32.

So Body Co is a British company.

Our product is manufactured in the EU to the highest standards.

Our multi-collagen provides you with FIVE types of collagen and a huge 10,000 mg daily serving in a simple easy to mix, tasteless powder.

Some of our ambitiously priced competitors will try to charge you as much as £100 per month for a single type collagen with less active ingredients. Others still happily charge around £50 a month (£1.66 per day), again with less milligrams per serving.

Through social media and word of mouth we can control our costs and bring you better value.

Buy our best value pack today and get our premium multi-collagen for just 72p per day.

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