During the first five years of the menopause you will lose up to 30% of your dermal collagen.

Fight the signs of collagen deficiency.

Take one scoop a day for longer stronger hair & nails, radiant skin and healthy joints.

  • Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen can promote:

  • -> Smooth Youthful Skin
  • -> Reduced Wrinkles
  • -> Longer, Stronger Hair and Nails
  • -> Joint Strength & Mobility
  • -> Reduced Joint Pain

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Feel great with Peptigen+ for just 89p per day

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"Since going through a forced menopause due to having chemo, i had a lot of stiffness and joint pain. This has massively alleviated and my hair and nails are really improved too!."

- Emma S.

Collagen Proteins vs. The Menopause

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body, helping to support healthy bones, connective tissues, hair, skin, and nails.

However, studies show a significant reduction in collagen synthesis occurs during the menopause.

In studies, up to 30% of dermal collagen was lost in the first 5 years after the menopause and that levels subsequently reduce at a rate of 2% per year.

Resulting in diminished elasticity and strength in skin, more sagging, fine line and wrinkles. It's also common to experience a loss of bone density.

Discover how thousands of UK women are fighting the signs of their collagen deficiency

"Have noticed a big improvement in the strength of my nails. I always had strong nails till menopause kicked in. Splitting and breaking much improved. I also notice stiffness in my joints especially knees is more noticeable if I don’t take it regularly."

"Since l started going through the menopause my hair has got a lot thinner. But since l've started taking the collagen my hair has got a lot thicker and it's in very good condition. I have recommended it to a few of my family and friends."

"Excellent product, started taking so body co multi collagen 6 months ago has really helped with my peri menopause/ menopause."

"Been using for over 6 months my hair is healthy and a lot thicker also my joint pain is greatly reduced, my skin also looks better I would highly recommend using this product especially if in menopause as I am ,its improved some of the symptoms, thank you"

Add this powerful, natural, multi-collagen powder to a drink to start looking & feeling years younger!

As we age collagen production drastically declines. Stop the loss now. Reverse your signs of aging with the UK's most popular multi-collagen Peptigen+ to promote youthful skin, longer hair and nails, reduce joint pain.

Youthful Skin

Smooth out wrinkles & cellulite. Improve skin hydration and elasticity. Relax and enjoy the compliments about to come your way,

Longer Hair & Nails

Reveal stronger, longer, healthier looking hair and nails. Get the Peptigen+ 'glow up' and love how you look in the mirror.

Reduce Joint Pain

Helps to alleviate joint pain and decrease sports recovery times. So you can be up and active for longer while feeling your best.

Improve Gut & Immunity

Helps reduce inflammation and improve gut health & immunity. Say goodbye to bloat and discomfort and feel great.

Feel great with Peptigen+ for just 89p per day

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Fight the signs of ageing with 5 types of collagen

Promotes hair thickness, reduced hair loss, and helps improve skin smoothness & elasticity.

Helps reduce popping knees and supports the back, jaw, and joints, to keep your body strong and flexible.

Supports circulation and elasticity in tendons and ligaments and repair to muscles and your body.

Helps restore youth from the inside out by supporting healthy tissue in your hair, skin, nails, and organs.

Helps reduce inflammation, wear and tear on joints, and increased mobility to keep your body moving and feeling youthful!

Just Three Natural Ingredients

Peptigen+ includes just three natural ingredients: marine, bovine and egg collagen

There are no other additives or ingredients.

It's GMO, gluten and dairy free.

Peptigen+ is a pure protein.

Zero sugar, zero carbs and no fat.

And just 36 calories per serving.

Free Recipe Book With Your First Order

20 delicious and (mostly!) healthy collagen smoothie recipes for you to enjoy.

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How Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen Works

Drink Daily

Simply add 1 scoop (10g) of Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen powder into any hot or cold drink.

Enjoy Anti-Ageing Benefits

Our hydrolised multi-collagen promotes youthful skin, longer hair & nails and reduces joint pain.

Look & Feel Younger

Make Peptigen+ part of your daily routine and notice the difference not just in how you look but how you feel.


We'll refund your money even if you send us back an empty pack!

Order now with complete confidence. If for any reason you don't think Peptigen+ is for you then return it for a full refund. And yes, even if the packet's empty!

Look and feel younger with our premium multi-collagen for just 89p per day


Proudly Made In The UK

So Body Co was the first British company to produce a multi-collagen. Today we remain a small but dedicated team based in Maidstone, Kent.

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