Based On Your Survey Answers We Have Determined That Your Cellulite Is Stage Zero

Firstly it's important to remember that cellulite is normal. Up to 98% of women have it to one degree or another.

The good news is that based on your survey results you do not have cellulite. Read on to discover how a healthy lifestyle can prevent cellulite developing with age.


Stage 0 Characteristics

Appearance: There is no appearance of dimpling or any evidence of cellulite
Collagen: Collagen elasticity it good.
Fat Mass: Low.
Muscle Tone: Above average

Stage 0 Recommendations

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle will help, maintain your stage zero cellulite and help prevent it from developing with age.

Build Bum & Leg Muscle:

While it won't get rid of collagen, stronger muscles under lumpy areas can make your skin look more even.

Ditch The Sugar And Carbs:

Increase your intake of protein and fibre while avoiding the 'empty calories' of refined carbs and sugar.

Lose A Few Pounds:

Skinny or plump you can have cellulite, But a little extra weight can make cellulite more visible

Get A Tan:

Those with fair skin may find a little self tan helps make dimpled areas less visible.

Use a Multi-Collagen Supplement:

Recent research has shown that a collagen supplement such as this is effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite.