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Ep 6: Michelle "I lost 27kg and REVERSED my diabetes!"

Ep 6: Michelle "I lost 27kg and REVERSED my diabetes!"

Michelle's Health Transformation with CollaSlim Shakes

Embarking on a health journey can be tough, especially with a diagnosis like type 2 diabetes. But for Michelle, it became a turning point. She found CollaSlim shakes and witnessed incredible changes in her health. Let's dive into Michelle's inspiring story of how CollaSlim, paired with a low-sugar and low-carb diet, played a crucial role in her weight loss and overall well-being.

Discovering CollaSlim Shakes

Michelle started her CollaSlim journey in 2022 after a diabetes diagnosis. Worried but determined, she was drawn to CollaSlim's low-carb shakes. With just around 7g of carbs, they fit perfectly into her low-carb diet. Michelle replaced her evening meal with a CollaSlim shake daily, favouring chocolate and strawberry flavours. The shakes not only satisfied her sweet cravings but also complemented her low-sugar diet.

Five months later, Michelle's dedication paid off—she lost an amazing 27kg, equivalent to over 3 stone in weight. Beyond weight loss, her skin improved, and her hair became shinier. Her blood sugar levels returned to normal, impressing her diabetes nurse. A few more months of continued success, Michelle will be classified as being in remission.


The Power of CollaSlim

Michelle attributes her progress to CollaSlim shakes, a sugar-free diet, and a low-carb lifestyle. While not a diabetes cure, CollaSlim played a vital role, offering a convenient and nourishing option that supported her goals.

Michelle's story is a testament to the transformative power of CollaSlim shakes. Her dedication led to significant weight loss and improved overall health. While CollaSlim isn't a diabetes cure, Michelle's journey highlights its positive impact when combined with a sugar-free and low-carb diet. If you're seeking a delicious addition to your health routine, CollaSlim might be the missing piece to help you reach your goals!

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