About Us

Supplements made simple.

“Nature is pleased with simplicity.” - Isaac Newton

We understand, being a modern woman in our modern world means you have lots to do and many hats to wear. Calendars can be booked. Work can be busy. Life can be complicated.

But when it comes to your daily wellness routine, we believe this should always be fuss-free.

Founded on the philosophy of simplicity, our mission is to renew modern wellness by making it simple. Uncomplicated. Accessible. Packed with natural, powerhouse ingredients - superfoods, vitamins, minerals and collagen essentials -  our products are formulated and backed by science, ensuring each scoop isn't just easy-to-drink, but also highly-effective with enough power to regenerate and replenish your health from the inside-out.

The inside-scoop of collagen.

Beyond a healthy life, we want you to live a long life. An energized life. A life of natural beauty, radiance and inner-outer glow. 

Introducing our not-so-secret ingredient: collagen. Also known as: The fountain of youth. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Responsible for many processes, it’s a major component of our bone, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage, and is quite literally the substance that holds our body together.

The bad news: our bodies produce less collagen as we age.

The good news: Our natural, active collagen-enriched formulations contain 5-types of essential collagen to support and reverse your pro-ageing journey.

Featuring two hero products - Peptigen+ and CollaSlim - each combination is specifically formulated to enhance smooth and supple skin, joint strength and mobility, and gut and digestive microbiome balance; ensuring each creamy-collagen glass reveals a younger, brighter and more radiant you.