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Ep 8: Jeanette's New Lease Of Life & 2 Stone Loss!

Ep 8: Jeanette's New Lease Of Life & 2 Stone Loss!

We chatted with the fabulous Jeanette for our latest episode of CollaSlim Success Stories, who so far has lost an incredible 2 stone in a month and a half. Check her out enjoying the last of the summer sun in her new frock! But, how did she do it?

After falling ill in 2021 and being put on lots of steroid medication, Jeanette felt her weight had started to creep on, and the condition of her skin had also been affected as a side effect.

Following coming off her medication, Jeanette decided it was time to take action, “The amount of weight I put on and the condition of my skin and everything. So, that's what motivated me, to see if I can get back to the way I originally was.”

When browsing on Facebook Jeanette came across one of our So Body Co CollaSlim ads, and as an avid milkshake lover herself, the ad seemed to ‘shout at her’.  “I looked through all the details, I thought, yeah, that's me, I can live on these shakes, so that's not a problem. And, I have tried others in the past, but oh I love these shakes now. “

Jeanette started her CollaSlim journey simply fitting her shakes around her normal diet, along with coming off her medication, and within two to three weeks of trying CollaSlim she was feeling confident that it would work for her and was feeling much better.

Rather than setting an exact goal on how much she wanted to lose, Jeanette just went for it. We asked Jeanette about her goal, and she explained…

“I'm doing quite well. I need about another stone off.  I'm 5'8 so I'm quite a large lady and quite heavy build, if you know what I mean. So, down to about 13st 7 is about my weight that I'm comfortable with. It'd be nice if I could lose more, but I should be quite happy if I got this big stone off. You know, it makes a hell of a difference. My health, I can't explain how much it's changed.  I couldn't at one point, earlier in the year, walk from one room to another at all without being totally out of breath, and now I can put it down to these shakes.”

Jeanette never skips breakfast and usually opts for a healthy porridge made with water, or yoghurt with fruit, and currently has her CollaSlim shakes for her other 2 meals of the day. Salted Caramel is her absolute favourite, followed by chocolate, but she has also started experimenting with some Vanilla & fruit CollaSlim combos. “When I've had my lunch time, sometimes it's 7 o'clock at night before I think, oh, I ought to have something to eat. And I haven't ate. And that's me quite happy. No hunger pains or anything”.

When Jeanette does have dinner she opts for simple healthy meals like fresh fish and vegetables like peas and carrots, but still enjoys going for coffee with friends and meals with her granddaughter as a treat every now and then.

“I've tended to leave things alone, I don't even go near the biscuits or the chocolate, when I go to the supermarket I go straight there and It doesn't enter my head to go and look, because I'm satisfied with what I have…”

At 76 and living with a disability, Jeanette has kept her other lifestyle changes minimal but still makes an effort to go for short walks with her little dog twice a day to get some fresh air and get her steps up!

When asked about her progress and results so far, Jeanette told us how pleased she was with how she was getting on…

“I thought, oh, I've got to do something about this. And when I got on the scales, I was devastated. So I thought, right, that's it. We've got to do something. And I am really pleased with how I've got on. Because I have lost actually two stone now!”

Jeanettes first weigh in was on 24th July when she’d lost 4lbs, but by the 4th of September, she’d lost an incredible 2 stone and gone down two dress sizes!

“And a lot of my friends, I haven't seen them for 12 months and they say “Oh my goodness, you look absolutely fantastic, you know.” – which she says feels great now others are staring to notice.

”My next-door neighbour, she keeps saying, You've lost more weight again this week? Then she'll bring me a piece of cake, and I'm like, Oh dear!”

Her top tip for people looking to lose weight or start their CollaSlim journey is Calorie Counting!

“Well, as I said before, the product is so tasty, but what I do, and I found it works, I write everything down every day, and have a book with all my food and calories in. I write it all down and add the calories up as I'm going through the day. And I find that helps if I've got everything written down, then I'm not thinking, well, what could I have? You know, I look at my book and I know what I'm supposed to be having…”

Jeanette also makes sure she stays hydrated with lots of water between her shakes.

She also touched on how important it is to maintain a healthy mindset around dieting, having previously felt pressured into controlling and ‘watching what she ate’ from a young age by people who had an unhealthy outlook on eating, and knows It is just as important to make sure you are eating enough, as it is to make sure you're maintain a healthy weight. This has influenced Jeanettes thinking around her CollaSlim journey and feeling good about her body and progress.

Jeanette will be continuing her CollaSlim journey until she has met her new goal of losing an extra stone, and having lost a little more will be switching to 1 shake a day and trying out some of the recipes she’s seen in the So Body Co recipe book.

She has also recently started using our Peptigen+ alongside her shakes for an extra collagen boost and is already noticing improvements in her skin, hair and nails.

We can’t wait to see what Jeanette achieves, ready to show off her newfound confidence on her holiday this October and hopes she continues to feel much better inside and out.

Stayed tuned on the Facebook group to keep up to date with Jeanette's amazing progress and watch out for her incoming Vanilla & fruit CollaSlim combos, as well as some of her new tasty dinners later on.

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