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5 Incredible Health & Fitness Resources for International Women’s Day

5 Incredible Health & Fitness Resources for International Women’s Day

As a part of International Women’s Day, here at SoBody we wanted to shine a light on women doing incredible work to inspire others and provide valuable resources in the health & fitness space.

Here are 5 health & fitness related resources to help empower you and the other women in your life:

1. Tally Rye: Train Happy

tally rye

Tally takes a holistic look at fitness by exploring diet culture, body acceptance and the non-aesthetic benefits of exercise in her book Train Happy. This resource is packed full of information and actionable tips, as well as a 10-week workout guide that incorporates a range of movements suitable for all body types. 

2. Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong are a great source of women-specific health and fitness information. Their evidence-based approach and team of various female fitness professionals make them a trusted source in the industry. Their website provides a number of free resources that empower and educate women, including their 5-day Body Freedom course, aimed at helping women challenge negative self-talk around their body image.  

3. More than a Body

more than a body

More Than a Body champions women as whole people. By considering prevailing views around female bodies, this organisation helps women to look beyond their appearance. They currently run an online ‘Body Image Resilience Program’ and have also released a book that guides women towards body positivity. 

4. The Female Lead

This educational charity challenges societal norms through its website and social media feeds, which provide a wealth of thought-provoking content. By allowing women’s voices to be heard, The Female Lead shines a light on all the great things women have and are achieving, inspiring current and future generations. 

5. Body Posi Panda

body posi panda

Megan Crabbe, or @BodyPosiPanda as she’s known on social media, shares inspirational content around self-love. Her Instagram feed, where she posts empowering content relating to body acceptance and general wellbeing, is packed full of infectious positivity. She’s also published a book called ‘Body Positive Power’ in which she inspires readers to ‘make peace’ with their bodies.
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