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Getting Started With CollaSlim

Getting Started With CollaSlim

CollaSlim is a complete, nutritionally balanced meal in just 206 calories.

The CollaSlim plan is flexible and can be adapted to suit YOU and YOUR goals.

The key principle is to use CollaSlim to reduce your daily calorie intake. Which will result in weight loss.

(So of course it's important that you use CollaSlim to replace high-calorie meals.)

The Fast, Simple 800 Plan...

For the fastest results, replace lunch and dinner with CollaSlim. Combine with a healthy breakfast of around 250 calories and ensure any snacks or beverages are limited to no more than 150 calories. 

It's very easy to under-estimate calorie intake. 

We strongly recommend you use a calorie counting app such as MyFitnessPal.



Steady 1200...

Allowing a higher daily calorie intake for steady loss.

Choose a healthy breakfast of around 250 calories, ensure any snacks or beverages are limited to no more than 150 calories. Replace either lunch or dinner (depending on what suits your lifestyle with CollaSlim) leaving you with 600 calories for your main meal.

We strongly recommend you use a calorie counting app such as MyFitnessPal.



Reached your goals? Or just looking for a more relaxed plan for a day?

Enjoy one CollaSlim shake per day and combine with healthy, low-carb meals totaling 1400-1600 calories if you're female or 1,800 calories if you're male.


Don't forget...those calories in alcohol, sugar in your beverages, or that odd treat.


Mixing CollaSlim...

We recommend you add one scoop of CollaSlim to 400ml of unsweetened almond milk. However, you can switch out to your preference, but do be aware of the calorie and macro changes:

kcal carbs sugar protein
CollaSlim (shake mix only) 40g 146 9.7 7.2 23.8
Almond Milk 400ml 60 1.2 0.4 2
Unsweetened Soya Milk 400ml 128 0.4 - 13.2
Skimmed Milk 400ml 140 20 - 14.4
Single Cream 30 ml 58 0.7 0.07 1


As you can see from the above, almond milk provides a good mix of low calories and low carbs. While skimmed milk is an alternative, do be aware of its higher carb count.

Finally we have added single cream in the chart based on a customers suggestion that they have found water with a serving of cream works well for them.

Quick Tip...

CollaSlim mixes best by first creating a 'paste' by mixing a scoop of CollaSlim with a small amount of your chosen liquid. Once you have a smooth paste pour over the remainder of your mixer.


Creating Alternate Flavours...

The vanilla flavour is the perfect base to customise for variety.

Try blending in a handful of fresh fruit or create your own coffee flavour.


Peptigen and CollaSlim...

For customers also using our Peptigen Multi-CollagenWe recommend you take 10g of collagen per day. CollaSlim contains 5g per serving. So if you are replacing two meals per day then there's no need for any additional collagen. However, if you are taking one CollaSlim shake each day then you might want to top up with a half measure of Peptigen too.


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