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How Can Collagen Give Your Menopausal Sex Life A Boost?

How Can Collagen Give Your Menopausal Sex Life A Boost?

It's one common problem we don't discuss enough...

It’s one of the most taboo issues when it comes to the menopause. As women, we’ve spent decades fighting to own our sexuality. So why do we go all sheepish when it comes to our sex lives (or lack of) during menopause?

Of all of the symptoms of 'the change' that you have to deal with in everyday life, from hot sweats, brain fog, thinning hair, low mood and weight gain, one that can have the biggest impact but is spoken about the least- is vaginal dryness. Dr Heather Currie, in collaboration with the medical advisory council of the British Menopause Society, for Women's Health Concern found that a 'quarter of women aged 50-59 experience vaginal dryness problems during sex and 16% experience pain.'

But we do not have to just accept this as a part of ageing and 'get on with it' as our grandmothers were told to.

Collagen peptides have many popular benefits for women during menopause including improvements to hair, skin, nails and joints. But did you know Collagen can also give you a boost in the bedroom? 

When oestrogen levels decline, blood flow to the lining of the vagina can decrease causing tissue to become thin and dry. This can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, burning or itching sensations, soreness, increased risk of UTI, bacterial imbalances, vaginal bleeding after sex and even a decreased libido. These can have a massive impact on the quality of sex, pelvic floor health, relationships, confidence and everyday life overall.

Whilst there are a number of treatment options for this including creams, lubricants and medications, they only work to alleviate the symptoms and do not actually treat the core of the problems. This means they often reoccur and usually when we are least hoping they do.

So how can collagen address the core issue?

Collagen can help to rejuvenate and strengthen these tissues and muscles in the surrounding area in the same way that it helps with muscles, tendons and skin throughout the body. To some extent it can be considered as a type of ‘vaginal rejuvenation’- restoring the collagen in these tissues that have been lost or weakened as you age, give birth and during menopause, but without any invasive or intimate surgery like vaginoplasty.

Dr and Author Adriana Sholes Douglas MD, a specialist in women’s health, intimate wellness and HRT, explains ‘These non-surgical options all have the goal of improving function and feeling in the vagina by building collagen. Collagen is a protein that’s necessary for strong and elastic skin and is also an important component of muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone. Production of collagen within the body begins to decline around age 25 and this accelerates after menopause. In the vagina, the effects of this reduction of collagen include loss of lubrication leading to dryness and laxity, or a feeling of “looseness.”’

Increasing collagen production with a Collagen supplement such as Peptigen+ can result in improvements in:

  1. Muscle tightness: This also has benefits for urinary incontinence as well as pleasure, helping you to feel more in control again.
  2. Thinning tissue: this can be rejuvenated to prevent itching and repair vaginal wall damage, which can often cause bleeding during or after sex.
  3. Function of mucosa cells that produce natural lubrication and help to relieve discomfort.

In general, taking a collagen supplement can reduce uncomfortable menopause symptoms, boosting your confidence, and encouraging you to feel a little more 'you'. With your newly charged confidence in your body and increased comfort, it could also help to revive your sex drive.

Why choose So Body Co Peptigen+ to replenish your collagen levels?

  • We’re the only Collagen brand to include all five types of collagen. Including the most popular types I, II & type III collagen.
  • These 5 types of collagen have been proven to contribute to the maintenance of muscles, tissue and tendons as well as a reduction in inflammation. Making our collagen perfect for women suffering from perimenopause to menopause.
  • As well as alleviating some of the symptoms of menopause, our collagen also helps to repair and replenish skin, hair and muscle throughout the body and supports decreased bone density and gut health.
  • Works to reduce joint pain and increase mobility.
  • 100% natural, from 3 sources of hydrolysed collagen, marine, bovine and egg.
  • Just 36 calories and a whopping 9g of protein per portion, contributing to the increased dietary needs of women going through menopause.

It’s time to take back control with collagen…

Taking Peptigen+ daily can ease menopause symptoms and improve overall health, as well as in the bedroom.

Empower yourself to gain back control of your midlife sex life. Times are changing, it is no longer seen as inappropriate to discuss your sex life ‘past a certain age’, especially when it comes to any unnecessary discomfort you may be feeling physically.

Here are our key takeaways that'll get you back to feeling more yourself:

  • Use your experiences and get to know your body as it changes.
  • Talk openly with your partner about how ageing can impact your relationship and different things you can try in order to not miss out on intimacy. Remember both men and women go through changes during this stage of life!
  • Create a safe space to share and discuss these issues with other women in your life so these topics are no longer taboo. What do you wish you were told about menopause earlier?
  • Don't suffer in silence. We have come a long way in women's sexual health. Don't be afraid to speak to your doctor about any discomfort, there will always be a solution.
  • And most importantly, enjoy your relationships and sexual health, you’ve earned it!


Try Peptigen+ to treat your menopause symptoms and reap more than the glowing benefits.



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