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When Can I Expect To See Changes In My Arthritis From Taking Collagen Supplements?

When Can I Expect To See Changes In My Arthritis From Taking Collagen Supplements?

Meet Payge, who battled symptoms of osteoarthritis affecting her thumb and hip. Frustrated with limited relief from Marine Type 1 collagen, Payge discovered So Body Co.'s Peptigen+ and its unique blend of 5 collagen types. Skeptical of Bovine Collagen's effectiveness, she learned about hydrolysis, ensuring easy absorption. Intrigued by positive reviews, Payge embarked on a collagen journey to rejuvenate her health.

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Collagen for Joint Health

As we age, joint wear and tear become inevitable, potentially leading to osteoarthritis. Collagen, the body's most abundant protein, plays a crucial role in joint health. So Body Co.'s Peptigen+ offers 10,000mg of collagen per serving, including type II, known for its efficacy in joint support.

Research from 2008 highlights collagen's effectiveness in relieving joint pain, making it beneficial for all ages. Collagen aids in articular cartilage restoration, crucial for smooth joint movement. As collagen diminishes with age, supplementation becomes vital to prevent joint-related issues.

Choosing the Right Collagen

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Type II collagen, prevalent in joint cartilage, is essential for optimal joint benefits. So Body Co.'s Collagen, rich in type II collagen, stands out as a reliable supplement for joint health.

Payge's testimony reflects remarkable improvements in just three months—relief from thumb pain, restored hip mobility, and enhanced core strength. Her overall vitality and skin quality also saw positive changes.

Collagen's impact on joints typically surfaces within three to six months. So Body Co.'s Collagen, conveniently in powder form, facilitates easy incorporation into daily routines with doses ranging from 2.5 to 15 grams per day.

Holistic Joint Care

Collagen alone isn't a remedy for all joint pain. Active lifestyles, maintaining a healthy weight, prioritising quality sleep, quitting smoking, and a well-rounded diet are integral components of comprehensive joint care. Payge's journey serves as a testament to the holistic benefits of So Body Co.'s Collagen - read more here.

For those embracing the inevitable signs of aging, Payge encourages the adoption of So Body Co.'s Collagen. Joint health is not a predetermined sentence; it's a journey that can be empowered through thoughtful choices and quality supplementation.

Hazel Walker
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