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How It Works...

1. The Problem

As time goes by, collagen production slows, leaving you prone to injuries and conditions affecting your bones and joints. You may also notice a change in your skin and hair health.

1 in 6 people in the UK live with pain, fatigue, limited mobility, and reduced dexterity due to arthritis or other joint-related problems for the rest of their life. But it doesn't have to be this way...

2. How To Fix It

Adding a hydrolysed multi-type collagen to your daily diet is an easy way to rebuild your natural collagen protein levels.

Clinical trials have clearly shown significant improvement in mobility, pain and freedom of movement for those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

3. The Result

Our unique blend, which includes collagen types I, II, III, V, and X, reduces pain and inflammation and improves mobility and freedom of movement, helping you get your life back.

Each type of collagen has been carefully selected to make Peptigen+ the best and most effective supplement for overall joint and health support.

See how some of our customers have helped relieve their arthritis pain...

Add this powerful, natural, multi-collagen powder to a drink to start looking & feeling years younger!

As we age collagen production drastically declines. Stop the loss now. Reverse your signs of aging with the UK's most popular multi-collagen Peptigen+ .

Youthful Skin

Smooth out wrinkles & cellulite. Improve skin hydration and elasticity. Relax and enjoy the compliments about to come your way.

Longer Hair & Nails

Reveal stronger, longer, healthier looking hair and nails. Get the Peptigen+ glow up and love how you look in the mirror

Reduce Joint Pain

Helps to alleviate joint pain and decrease sports recovery times. So you can be up and active for longer while feeling your best.

Improve Gut & Immunity

Helps reduce inflammation and improve gut health & immunity. Say goodbye to bloat and discomfort and feel great.

Feel great with Peptigen+ from just 98p per day

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Is Collagen Clinically Proven?

Collagen plays a crucial role in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and wound care.

It's a natural protein with numerous benefits, from relieving joint pain to enhancing hair, skin, and nails.

Research suggests collagen's potential in treating arthritis, with studies showing significant pain reduction compared to Glucosamine after six months of use.

Comprehensive analysis of a total of 41 studies, including 25 clinical trials, further supports collagen's effectiveness in reducing inflammation and promoting cartilage repair, regardless of the cause.

What's in Peptigen+ Multi Collagen?


100% Natural Collagen

Hydrolysed Bovine, Marine, Eggshell and Cartilage Matrix Collagen Peptides

No fillers & no additives!

Our Blend

Our formula contains a diverse mix of natural collagen proteins, including types I, II, III, V, and X.

We start with premium bovine collagen, then add effective eggshell membrane collagen rich in beneficial biomolecules, and finally include a unique hydrolyzed cartilage matrix collagen for joint care.

Our Promise to You

To guarantee that you receive the best product every time, we carefully produce our items in the UK, strictly following EU regulations. We are proud to hold certification as non-GMO, which guarantees quality and purity.

Each batch undergoes independent lab testing to consistently deliver the highest quality collagen to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is collagen?

Collagen is the glue that holds our bodies together, making up a major part of our skin, bones, and joints. But as we age, our bodies produce less and less of this vital protein, with an 80-year old producing up to 75% less collagen than a young adult!

Don't let the aging process get the best of you - turn to Peptigen+ for a natural super-food supplement that will help you feel your best. With 10g hydrolysed marine, bovine, IIM and eggshell peptides, our supplement is designed to give your body what it needs to thrive.

Clinical studies have reported a range of benefits from collagen supplements, and with Peptigen+ you can experience them for yourself!

How long does it take to see results?

Collagen supplements offer various health and aesthetic benefits. Studies suggest noticeable improvements within weeks to months:

  • Skin: Increased moisture and reduced wrinkles within 4-12 weeks.
  • Hair: Thickening and strengthening observed within 8 weeks.
  • Nails: Enhanced growth and decreased breakage within 8-24 weeks.
  • Joint Pain: Relief reported within 3-6 months, with improved function.

I'm on medication, can I also have Peptigen?

There are no contraindications; this is a natural health supplement rather than a pharmaceutical. Collagen is deemed 'generally recognised as safe', and studies have shown no negative impact on bodily functions or adverse side effects. However, if you have any concerns we recommend you refer to your health advisor.

Why choose So Body Co. collagen?

The UK's First Multi Collagen

Peptigen+ is the UK's first collagen to combine the powerful benefits of marine, bovine and eggshell collagen in one single scoop.

Affordable Option

Peptigen+ Multi Collagen is one of the most affordable collagen supplements on the market, starting at just 98p a day! Get a 30 day supply for only £32.99 as a one-time purchase or save even more by subscribing and paying only £29.36 a month.

Completely Versatile

Peptigen+ Multi Collagen is versatile and can easily fit into your lifestyle, as its flavorless powder can dissolve seamlessly in any hot or cold drink, as well as in baking or cooking.

How to use Peptigen+

Drink Daily

Simply add 1 scoop (10g) of Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen powder into any hot or cold beverage on a daily basis.

Enjoy Anti-Ageing Benefits

Peptigen+ Multi-Collagen's hydrolysed formula helps to maintain youthful-looking skin, longer hair and nails, and reduce joint pain.

Look & Feel Younger

Make Peptigen+ part of your daily routine and notice the difference not just in how you look but how you feel.


Peptigen+ includes just three natural ingredients: hydrolysed marine, bovine and egg collagen. There are no other additives or ingredients.

Peptigen+ is free from GMO, gluten, and dairy, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.

With only 36 calories per serving, Peptigen+ is a low-calorie option that can easily fit into your daily routine.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee on Every Order!

We'll refund your money even if you send us back an empty pack...

You can purchase Peptigen+ with confidence, knowing that if you're unsatisfied for any reason within 90 days, we will refund your money, even if you return an empty packet!

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