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Ep 2: Payge "I Noticed Improvements After Just 1 Month"

Ep 2: Payge "I Noticed Improvements After Just 1 Month"

Meet Payge,

I was told by a doctor that I was suffering symptoms of osteoarthritis - I couldn’t bend my left thumb and I felt a lot of pain in the soft palm area above my thumb.

I have been using other collagen products that were Marine Type 1 collagen only, but I did not seem to experience any benefits.

It was because of this that I began researching further and came across So Body Co.


Why did you choose to use So Body Co. products?

When I first realised the importance of collagen as a supplement, especially as we age, I realised that not all collagen products are the same. I chose So Body Co, because it has 5 different types of collagen, and provides 10,000mg of collagen per serving. Whereas other collagen products that I came across, only had type 1 collagen, and provided less collagen per serving, sometimes considerably less.

The only concern that I had about So Body Co. collagen was that Bovine rather than Marine Collagen was the main ingredient, and I had read that Marine Collagen is better absorbed in the body. However, after further research my concerns were allayed, because So Body Co. is hydrolysed collagen, which means that the collagen is broken down into smaller molecules so that it is easy to digest.

Fact: When it comes to the bioavailability of nutrients (which means how well your body can absorb the collagen peptides), hydrolyzed collagen, no matter what the type, is best. Studies support the use of both marine and bovine for a 360 approach to potential health benefits.

Alongside this I also read the reviews and could see that many people were experiencing compelling results with regard to arthritis, joint pain and mobility.  


How has So Body Co. helped you achieve your health goals?

I was told by a doctor and a physio in the NHS that my symptoms were because of osteoarthritis, in other words old age arthritis! I couldn’t bend my left thumb and I felt a lot of pain in the soft palm area above my thumb. Simple tasks like opening a jar of jam was painful and I could barely pull my hand brake on in my car.

"After one month of taking Peptigen+ I began to notice some improvements and after 3 months it is almost completely healed, and I no longer suffer with any pain."

The other issue that I had was pain in my left hip. The pain was making it difficult for me to walk any distance and I was beginning to feel as if old age was taking over my body.

After 2 months of taking the collagen the pain in my hip disappeared and I now feel back to my younger self, with total mobility and a core strength that I realise had not been there for some time. I feel generally stronger and little things like lifting boxes appear easier!

I do believe that my skin has improved too. There were certain parts of my body where the skin looked too baggy for my body, almost like a balloon that had gone down. Now those areas are looking like someone has blown the balloon up and I am not as crinkly.

All in all, after taking the collagen I feel younger, more mobile and my core strength and vitality has been restored.


What is the biggest difference you have noticed since using the products?

The biggest difference by far is my muscular skeletal strength and mobility. Generally, as we age, I think this is the biggest problem, because we start to get physically weak which can lead to falls, sprains etc. This lack of core strength makes a person feel old so therefore a persons mentality and emotional wellbeing is affected by muscular skeletal weakness.

"So Body Co. collagen is so effective in reversing this issue and therefore restoring vitality in old age!"


What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals using our products?

My own experience of this product is that if you are getting older and feeling the signs of old age creeping up, then start taking this collagen because it literally reverses the signs of aging.

Societally we almost accept aches and pains as being normal when we reach 55 to 60 years old, when in reality, a lack of collagen is most likely the culprit.


We're so happy for Payge and can't wait to hear more from her on her continuing recovery over the next few months. If you want to shop Peptigen+ you can get 10% off today with this link - discount automatically applied.

Hazel Walker
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