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Ep 3: Sarah "I'm Recommending This To Everyone I Know!"

Ep 3: Sarah "I'm Recommending This To Everyone I Know!"

Meet Sarah,

Before using this I had never used a collagen product before. I am usually terrible at taking anything consistently, no matter how good it is for me!

This is mainly due to most things being in pill form (I hate taking pills) or a powder that I need to disguise in a smoothie because it tastes so disgusting.


Why did you choose to use So Body Co. products?

My friend told me she can run again as her knees are back in good form after taking this product, and for her that's huge, so I was sold.

She told me to persevere as the benefits didn't show up for her until about the 6 week mark. I thought "no problem" mainly because she told me I can throw this powder in my morning coffee every day and it doesn't change the taste in any way... so that was the second big selling point.


How has So Body Co. helped you achieve your health goals?

My friend and I are both 44, and for me I am finding thinning hair to be difficult to deal with. I am also obsessed with anything skin related (as long as it's organic/natural).

"LOOK AT MY PHOTO! I do not have a fringe!!"

This is new hair growth I've just noticed this past week. The only thing I've done is take this powder. I'm mind-blown.

I am noticing my skin is better, too (I'm not wearing make up in this photo). Overall after only 5 weeks, I am super impressed and I can't wait to see what other health benefits are going to show up for me!

Gut health is a huge focus for me at the moment as well, as I am lactose intolerant and gluten is starting to really bother me, so to find out that this collagen powder works on gut health too is awesome. I'm going to get my mum on this next and will be recommending this to everyone I know!


What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals?

The overall takeaway advice here (from my own personal opinion only) is to be consistent and patient as you may need to take this for a few weeks I would say before you notice anything specific.

However I'm going to continue to take this and I've just subscribed to get automatic monthly deliveries. And for me I mean I just would never do that for anything usually, especially as a single mum on a lower end of the pay scale. So that shows you how much I love this product! 

Congratulations Sarah on your incredible journey so far!

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