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Ep 4: Kimberley "2 Weeks Later I Could Bend My Knee!"

Ep 4: Kimberley "2 Weeks Later I Could Bend My Knee!"

Meet Kimberley,

I started taking collagen for vanity reasons after reading about the benefits on fine line and wrinkles. Since then I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my left knee after too many knee dislocations and Peptigen+ has helped massively!


Why did you choose to use So Body Co. products?

My skin was looking worn out and tired, I've always been the type to look younger than my age and since I started taking collagen people have started asking me for ID in the shops!

Now, since my arthritis diagnosis, I've noticed the collagen is really helping to improve my symptoms. I got MPFL surgery in 2019 which has changed my life (no more dislocations) but when I met with my surgeon last year to discuss the pain I was experiencing they requested I had an MRI. This is how they discovered that I have arthritis and said I'll likely need a new knee by the age of 45 - a big shock! After taking the collagen for just 2 weeks I was able to bend and kneel on my knee after surgery.


How has So Body Co. helped you achieve your health goals?

After taking Peptigen+ for a few months I noticed it was doing more than just giving me nice skin! Whenever I have a break from taking it I notice it straight away in my knee so I hope in taking collagen I will get to keep my original knee for as long as possible.

My hair grows thicker and faster than ever, I already have really thick hair but this would be amazing for someone who is looking to improve the thickness of their hair.


What would you say to others who wish to achieve their goals?


Give it a try... If your noticing your skins looking dull, your hair thinner, more joint pain - you only have one life!

Congratulations Kimberley on your incredible journey so far!

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